Privacy Task Force

A fortnight ago, at the end of the workshop, we were discussing next steps: journal special issue, community blog, further workshops, what have you.

Then, Stephan Baumann spoke up. He wanted us all to consider creating a Privacy Task Force to design interactional privacy features together. Basically, his question was: “Can we come up with a task force to work on a proposal presentation about these features in a real world social network site?

Since the idea deserves some further thought, here comes Stephan’s answer in written form, pitching the idea and calling for participation:

Yes we can. If we are brave enough. I suggested at the end of the workshop
-being really thrilled by such good at-site brainstorming- to set up a
little task force.

An interdisciplinary multinational team of computer scientists, designers,
human science experts and theorists to develop a “best-of social
translucence features” presentation to be pitched to social network providers in Germany. Why Germany? Since I am a part-time Berlin-er I could foresee to activate some contacts to social network providers foreseeing hard times with the competition against Facebook. For such providers it could be very interesting to think about “better social design for their users” … consulting deluxe for free! But not just academic bullshit but down-to-earth hands-on feature lists and a concrete working plan of how to implement.

I dont know what will happen, I can only offer to try hard …

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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