Workshop Recap

Two weeks ago, the workshop day was finally there. It was wonderful to meet in person the people we had been e-mailing with over the past months – the crowd in the room was brilliant.

And so we workshopped from morning to evening. It all started with introductions and madness presentations (available on the Papers page) followed by a big brainstorm on the grand challenges of interactional privacy.

To stay focused, we chose to work on three challenge areas:

  1. Design challenges related to interactional privacy
  2. Active boundary management over time within social network services
  3. Tensions between users and businesses

Each breakout group worked first with characterizing the challenges, and once that was done, we thought about what the feasible solutions could look like. Slides from all three groups are available at our Slideshare site. Recaps from the groups will be posted to this blog soon.

Next to group activities, Zeynep Tufekci’s keynote challenged us to think deeper. She provoked us by asking what it means to interact in a reality that has been designed to make people click ads and how could we instead design a space for optimal social growth. A recap on Zeynep’s ideas will appear in this blog soon, too.

Finally, we concluded the official part of the day with a discussion of next steps. While the plans are still in the process of taking form, it is clear that there’s more to come. Stay tuned.

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