Grand Challenges for Privacy in a Networked World

The first order of business at the Privacy for a Networked World workshop was to collaboratively identify the topics for the day’s discussion. To accomplish this, we asked all participants to individually and collaboratively identify the key challenges of interactional privacy. We discussed and recorded these challenges, and then proceeded to develop a core set of themes for the workshop. In particular, we identified:

  • Business and User Tensions
  • Boundary Regulation and Temporality
  • Design
  • Methods

as the four grand challenges of the workshop.  Participants were then split into affinity groups around the challenges.  Because our workshop was fairly intimate, we ended up tackling the first three challenges, though many at the workshop indicated interest in a substantive discussion of the methodological challenges of studying interactional privacy.  We feel strongly that methods for interactional privacy research is a great subject for a future workshop!

For your reference, a plain text version of the grand challenges as well:


  • Tech support for decisions (2)
  • Display of privacy policies (2)
  • Embedding information about privacy in interaction design (2)
  • Making privacy fun (2)
  • Making benefits of data collection visible (2)

Conflicting Interests

  • Business/users tensions (1,2,3)

Challenges of the Domain

  • Online and offline (1,2,3)
  • Norms (1)
  • Mental models of context (1)
  • Definitions – Conceptualization of I.P. (3)
  • Decision models: Bounded rationality/limited information (2,3)
  • Forgetting (1)
  • Active boundary management (1)
  • Privacy over time – design for shifting networks (3)
  • Collaborative privacy practices (2)


  • Methods – Independent variables (1,2,3)
  • Methods – Collection techniques (1,2,3)
  • Methods – Dependent variables (1,3)

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