Natalya Bazarova, Rachel Blady, Margaret Drislane, Jennifer Herlihy, Jill Mendelsohn, David Rollins & Jessie Taft, Cornell University: Public Disclosure on Social Networking Sites

Patrick Gage Kelley, Lucian Cesca, Joanna Bresee & Lorrie Faith Cranor, Carnegie Mellon University: Intentional Design of Privacy Policies

Alexander Korth, Stephan Baumann & Andreas Nürnberger, Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg: An Interdisciplinary Problem Taxonomy for User Privacy in Social Networking Services (video)

Ben Marder & Adam N. Joinson, University of Bath: Behind Social Spheres on Facebook (slides)

Alessandra Mazzia, Kristen LeFevre & Eytan Adar, University of Michigan: A Tool for Policy Comprehension (slides)

Alison R. Murphy, Madhu C. Reddy, Heng Xu & Ben Ringel, Pennsylvania State University: Exploring Collaborative Privacy Practices (slides)

Lisa P. Nathan & Alex Garnett, University of British Columbia: Privacy Research & “Real World” Design: Is there an Elephant in the Room? (slides)

Antti Oulasvirta, Tiia Suomalainen & Sakari Tamminen, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT: Uncertainty Increases the Perception of Privacy Risks (slides)

Alex Smolen, UC Berkeley: Privacy Design Analysis: A Framework for Identifying and Resolving Privacy Threats (slides)

Jayant Venkatanathan & Vassilis Kostakos, Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute: Privacy in a Networked World: Effects of Reciprocity and Imitation on Location Sharing (slides)

Tara Whalen, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada: Supporting Privacy Regulation and Personal Privacy Through Design (slides)

Pamela Wisniewski, Heather Richter Lipford & David Wilson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte: Interpersonal Boundary Mechanisms within Online Social Networks (slides)

*The affiliation stated for each paper is that of the first author. More detailed information is included in the papers.


6 Responses to Papers

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  2. Alex says:

    Great papers!
    Typo: Stephan Baumaan should be Baumann. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for noticing, Alex! It’s now been corrected.

  4. mantruc says:

    Great lineup!
    Wish I could attend… I’ll be next door though.

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